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21st Century Skills Logo 2018Assessing 21st Century Skills

21st Century Skills, now called Essential Skills in Colorado, like any other content or skill, need to be purposefully modeled, taught, and assessed so students can receive feedback to continue to improve in these skills and to be successful in their future. The skills are critical to the future success of students who are predicted to have 12 or more different jobs in their lifetime, and in a world that is constantly changing in response to one innovative disruption after another.

This site contains some information and resources to help teachers integrate and assess 21st century skills.

curating refreshedCurating in Education

In today’s standardized learning environment, it is difficult to find the time to help students to question and explore their own areas of interest and passion. What if there were a strategy that allowed time for this – because it meets the research requirements in the Common Core standards and helps students to develop essential workforce readiness and 21st century skills? That strategy is called Curating. Learn how to help students get in touch with their own sense of wonder,  and start on the path to personalized learning.

virtualcollaborationGlobal and Cultural Learning

Welcome to my resource site for developing global and cultural learning programs in your classroom, school or district. These resources were developed over the past 9 years in my position of 21st Century Learning & Innovation Specialist with Academy District 20 in Colorado Springs. I retired in 2017, and now consult with schools and districts. For more information, visit

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