Nancy White is a Learner, Curator, Innovator, Teacher, Librarian, & Collaborator. She is passionate about helping teachers design learning that is engaging, relevant & lasting.  Nancy has worked in schools in Germany and Colorado, and most recently served as the 21st Century Learning & Innovation Specialist for Academy School District 20 . She previously served as the Information Literacy Specialist/Library Coordinator for the district.  Nancy retired in 2017, and now provides professional development for school and district educators on 21st century skills and technology integration as a consultant.  Nancy served on an ad-hoc team to help with the integration of 21st century skills into Colorado’s revised content standards, and co-authored The Colorado Learner’s Bill of Rights. She serves as the Executive Director for Colorado ASCD , is a member of EC – Educational Collaborators,  and has been an EdCamp organizer in the Pikes Peak region of Colorado.

Contact Information

About Me – Contact Information
Twitter:  @NancyW
Linked In
Professional Activities:

  • Executive Director, Colorado ASCD, July 2020 – present
  • Facilitator, Media Literacy Advisory Committee, Colorado Department of Education, 2019-20
  • EdCamp Colorado Springs Planning Team
  • Co-Founder and Organizer: Academy District 20 Technovation Institute, 2016 & 2017
  • Co-Chair, 21st Century Skills Work Group, Colorado Department of Education September, 2013 –
  • Member, CDE Ad-Hoc Committee, Content Standards Revision/integration of 21st century skills & technology 2009
  • Board Member, Colorado ASCD, October 2013 – June 2020
  • Elected Board Member, Colorado Library Consortium,  Fall, 2008 – December,2009
  • Elected Board Member, Bibliographic Center for Research, 2007-2009
  • Secretary, Colorado Association of School Libraries (CASL), 2005 – June 2009
  • Co-President, CASL, November, 2009 – 10
  • Board Member, Colorado Highly Effective School Library Program, Spring 2005 – May 2013
  • Member, Colorado School Library Leaders, 2005 – 2013
  • Member, ISTE, 2009 – present
  • Member, ASCD, 2009 – present
  • Member, COSN, Sept. 2009 – present
  • Member, ALA and AASL, 2003 – 2017

Workshops, Presentations and Interviews:

  • Questioning: The Most Important “Technology” of All – InnEdCo 2019
  • Using a Curator’s Mindset to Show Who I Am as a Learner” – InnEdCo 2018
  • Learning to Learn“, InnEdCo 2018
  • Make Learning Personal with Content Curation” Colorado Association of Libraries Conference, October, 2017
  • Developing a Global Mindset in Students“, ASCD Conference on Teaching Excellence, 2017; CASE Conference, 2017
  • Curation as Learning” – InnEdCo, 2017
  • “Become a Connected Educator” – ASCD Empower 17
  • “The Digital Learning Coach Model” – ET Coaches Playground, ISTE 2016
  • “What About the Learning? Best Practices for Deeper Learning With the LMS – ISTE 2016
  • Personalize Learning with Student Curation” – ISTE 2016
  • “How to Design Game-Based Assessments” – ISTE, 2016
  • Project Based Learning: Teaching Students to be Great Curators” -BAM Radio Network Interview for Every Classroom Matters with Vicky Davis,  Nov. 2015
  • “Let the Students Curate!” Encienda Educon 2.7, January 2015
  • Creating Innovators: A Peer Coaching Project“, ISTE 2014
  • Students as Curators: A Pathway to Personalized Learning,” InnEdCo 2014
  • “Be a Designer of Learning” , Innovative Education Colorado (InnEdCo), 2014
  • “Common Core: Good or Bad for Innovation and Creativity?” Interview on Bam Radio Network EdChat Radio August, 2013
  • Students as Curators“,  ISTE Ignite Talk, Session 2, 2013
  • ePortfolios – Technology in Education Conference, 2013
  • Curating is the Cure!” Technology in Education Conference, 2013
  • “If Information Overload is the Sickness – Then Curating is the Cure!” 2013 School Leadership Summit
  • Colorado Standards the Web 2.0 Way“, Technology in Education Conference, 2012
  • Creating 21st Century Learning Environments“, Technology in Education Conference, 2012
  • “Armed for the 21st Century”, Colorado State Library Workshop, January 2012
  • “Professional Development for the 21st Century”, Technology in Education Conference, 2011
  • Global Understanding Through Online Collaboration“, Technology in Education Conference, 2011
  • “Game-InformedLearning,”, Technology in Education Conference, 2011
  • Assessing 21st Century Skills“, Technology in Education Conference, 2011
  • Panel participant, AASL 2009 and ISTE 2010 Smackdown! Learning Tools
  • D-Quadrant Learning, TIE 2009
  • Digital Storytelling, D-Quadrant Learning, WebQuests, and, Assessing 21st Century Skills, Academy D-20 Summer Institute, 2009, 2010
  • Presenter and facilitator for Colorado Librarians’ Days Primary Source Workshops with Metro State, January 2009
  • “Bump it Up: Collaborating with Teachers to Create Powerful Learning for Kids,” Colorado Association of Libraries Conference, November, 2008
  • “D-Quadrant Learning: Tools and Strategies for Engaging Digital Natives,” Pikes Peak International Reading Association, October, 2008
  • “Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom”  and “D-Quadrant Learning”, 20 in the 21st Grant Project, Academy School District 20, August-December, 2008, 2009
  • “Assessment of Information Literacy and Technology,” Denver Public Schools ILT Workshop, January, 2008
  • “How Do You Stock Your Rig? Selecting Electronic Databases”,  Denver Resources Conference, September, 2007
  • “WebQuests!” Technology in Education Conference, June, 2007
  • “Web 2.0 Resources & Tools for 21st Century Learning”, District 20 Administrators K-12 Meeting, May 2007
  • “Collaborating to  Meet the Needs of the 21st Century Learner”, CLiC Workshop, April 2007
  • “Assessing Information Literacy” CASL Spring Workshop, March 2007
  • “21st Century Learning @Your Library, Colorado Association of Libraries (CAL) Conference, 2006
  • “Unmasking 21st Century Learning” : Monument & Durango CAL Continuing Education Workshops, February & October, 2006, Technology in Education Conference, June 2006
  • “Inquiring Minds Want to Know! Meeting Standards through Inquiry-Based Learning and the Information Literacy Connection”, Technology in Education Conference,  2005
  • “Libraries & Literacy”; Colorado College Pre-service Teachers, 2005, 06, 07, 08 & PPIRA Conference, 2005
  • “Creating a Collaborative Culture for Implementing Information Literacy into the Curriculum”, Technology in Education Conference, 2004


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Nancy, I’ve skimmed through your past articles today after being pointed to your most recent articles by a person from Europe who is in one of my Facebook groups. Since 1975 I have been leading an non-school tutor/mentor organization in Chicago aimed at helping inner city kids connect with tutors, mentors and extra learning. I began to realize that if adults beyond poverty were not involved in “extra learning” they would never provide the consistent support schools, non-school programs and kids in high poverty areas need for many years. Thus I created the Tutor/Mentor Connection in 1993 and have built an extensive on-line library since going on the internet in 1998. Your article about content creation is really valuable and I added it to the articles I point to in my own blog. That’s putting your ideas into action. I hope we can connect. There’s much to do to bring youth and adults to the information we’re collecting and sharing.


    1. Daniel, Thank you for your comment. I have just started exploring your website and found this on your FAQ page – which helps me see how my thoughts and ideas indeed intersect with your organization’s work:

      “Imagine how the world’s education system would be changed if students were self-motivated learners, and were using the information on the Internet to expand their understanding of the world, and learning to solve problems that face them every day. The role of parents and professionals would change to becoming mentors and coaches and facilitators.”

      I look forward to learning more.


  2. Ms White: I was lucky enough to be introduced to you by Prof Colleen Stiles when you came to UCCS. We are now located in Tbilisi, Georgia and I have been working with the American Corners (library, media, have grant to begin 21st C library) students where we are exposing them to innovation, encouraging entrepreneurship and brainstorming about addressing and overcoming the challenges of running a business here. Came across your website 3 months ago and been following you and the IT-ES team/blog since. This spring San Diego State U brings the STEM program to Georgian students. Your site is a wealth of information, insight and I look forward to future postings.


    1. Thank you so much! I am very intrigued by your project! Would love to learn more, Victoria! I’d wonder what you will include in a 21st century library in Tbilisi. Big ideas for transforming libraries here include makerspaces with everything from sewing machines, to 3D printers, and collaboration spaces with the tools and the comfort needed to get the problem solved. Best wishes to you!


  3. Tech & Learning published your Digital Citizenship teachable moments creation. Our Digital Citizenship Team, comprised of Media Specialists, are looking for a relevant classroom poster to help teachers guide digital citizenship learning. The team would like to use your piktochart for this. Is this piktochart reproducible with your permission?

    Thanks for your insight in creating this visual guidebook for these important 21st century skill set.
    Sally Nold
    HS Asst. Principal, Valley Center High School, Valley Center, KS


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