The First Day

Tomorrow a new school year begins. Students and teachers alike are full of anticipation, excitement, and hope.  The schools have been thoroughly cleaned, supplies have been re-stocked, textbooks are ready to be distributed, and computers powered up and made ready. The library media center is neatly organized and ready for students in search of good stories and information. Teachers and staff have been busy planning for The First Day. Bulletin Boards have been put up, class lists are printed out, and lesson plans drafted. The business of learning is about to begin in full force.

At some point during the day, all of us – students, teachers, parents, and administrators should step back and take a good look around.  How can you capture the spirit and hope of this very special day?

 I wonder what it is, in particular, that makes this day so special?  Is it the new supplies? The excitement of finding out who is in your class?  Is it the anticipation of learning new things? The First Day is your chance to set the stage for the coming year.  What kind of place will your classroom be? 

I wish all of you a beautiful First Day – full of wonder!

Author: Nancy White

Learner, Curator, Innovator, Teacher, Librarian, and Collaborator. Passionate about designing learning that is engaging, relevant & sticks. 20+ years in education.

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